Chucky Season 2 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained


The put together of murders in ‘Chucky‘ season 2 comes to a halt in the second season finale of the horror series. The eighth episode, titled ‘Chucky Actually,’ models out to be a snug Christmas-themed affair. However, the titular serial killer doll continues to be at big no matter the simplest efforts of Andy Barclay. As Jake, Lexy, and Devon attempt to carry some normalcy to their lives, Chucky as quickly as as soon as extra begins organising a plan to torment the kids. If you wish to make amends for the episode’s events and ending, proper right here is the whole thing you may know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Chucky Season 2 Finale Recap

The season finale episode, titled ‘Chucky Actually,’ opens with Jake, Lexy, Devon, and Kyle witnessing the lack of lifetime of Chucky. As the doll bleeds to lack of life, the group wonders in the event that they’ve lastly prevailed. A flashback takes viewers to Charles Lee Ray’s childhood. It is revealed that Dr. Mixter impressed Chucky’s homicidal tendencies from a youthful age. However, as a result of the sequence of events shifts to the present, viewers research that Chucky had exchanged our our bodies with Dr. Mixter on the ultimate second. Therefore, Andy didn’t shoot the notorious serial killer. Instead, he killed Dr. Mixter’s soul, trapped inside the Good Guy doll.

Now in Dr. Mixter’s physique, Chucky goes to the latter’s office and retrieves one different Good Guy. He lastly returns to his favorite doll avatar and prepares to unleash additional carnage. Following the murders on the Incarnate Lord School, Jake and Devon are sentenced to group service. On the alternative hand, Lexy attends conferences to take care of her drug dependancy. Soon, it’s the holiday season, and Jake and Devon spend Christmas with Lexy and her mother, Mrs. Cross.

Jake continues dealing with the guilt of letting Chucky destroy their lives and kill Nadine. However, Jake and Devon deal with to reconcile and resume their relationship. On the alternative hand, Lexy and Mrs. Cross moreover deal with to repair their relationship and hope for a model new start. Elsewhere, Glen, who Nica shot inside the earlier episode, is comatose. To save Glen’s life, Tiffany suggests transferring Glen and Glenda to the doll they’ve been born with. Glenda agrees, and the twins develop to be conjoined contained within the doll, taking the establish “GG.” Tiffany ships off GG to England so that the twins can research additional about their supposed heritage. Meanwhile, Chucky arrives on the Cross household determined to take revenge on Jake, Lexy, and Devon.

Chucky Season 2 Finale Ending: What Happens to Lexy, Jake, and Devon?

In the episode, Jake, Lexy, and Devon uncover a semblance of normalcy after Adny seemingly kills Chucky. The serial killer doll has tormented the duo for the very first episode. Moreover, the trio shares frequent trauma as Chucky has killed each of their dad and mother. Furthermore, Chucky kills their buddy, Nadine, inflicting additional hurt to the group’s already delicate psychological state. Therefore, the trio wonders whether or not or not their life will even find yourself like Andy and Kyle, who spent their full lives trying to hunt out Chucky.

Before the trio can arrive at a company conclusion, Chucky arrives on the house with a chainsaw. He searches for Belle, the doll given to Lexy’s sister, Caroline, by Dr. Mixter. Chucky enters by a chimney and assaults Mrs. Cross. He chops Mrs. Cross in half with the chainsaw, inflicting a blood bathtub within the residence. Lexy is shocked and enraged by her mother’s ugly lack of life in entrance of her eyes. She assaults Chucky and seemingly succeeds in killing the doll.

The police and social security arrive shortly after, as Jake, Lexy, and Devon are pressured to care for one different tragedy. The trio has misplaced all their dad and mother and has no person to care for them. In the highest, Miss Fairchild, the group’s former biology coach who was imprisoned for Chucky’s crimes on the end of season 1, visits Lexy, Jake, and Devon. She supplies to care for the kids and is happy that the serial killer doll is behind the murders for which she served a jail sentence.

Does Tiffany Transfer Her Soul? Did Chucky Survive?

The parts for an ideal episode of ‘Chucky’ lies in delivering ugly murders and beautiful plot twists. The second season finale follows the similar pattern nevertheless elevates the narrative by creating thrilling plot threads for the long run than merely for shock price. When Chucky arrives to hunt for the Belle doll, Tiffany enters the Cross residence collectively along with her private agenda. However, after Lexy kills Chucky, Jake and Devon aim Tiffany and gravely injuring her. It appears to be like like Chucky and Tiffany will lastly face the implications of their crimes. However, a brainwashed Caroline believes Tiffany to be her mother. As a consequence, the trio permits her to go away the house with an injured Tiffany.

Ultimately, Tiffany and Caroline depart and switch to New York. In the episode’s closing moments, Nica calls Tiffany to apologize for hurting Glen. However, she threatens to kill Tiffany and wishes to take revenge on the woman who tormented her. As a consequence, Tiffany will get scared and wishes to modify her soul to the Belle doll. However, Tiffany’s plan as quickly as as soon as extra fails as Belle entails life and threatens her. Thus, it turns into evident that the doll shouldn’t be a vacant vessel.

Lastly, Chucky reveals himself to be alive and inhabiting the doll. Tiffany is shocked on the revelation as Chucky and Caroline deviously smile. The scene implies that Chucky didn’t die after Lexy destroyed the Good Guy doll. Instead, the serial killer as quickly as as soon as extra escaped lack of life by transferring his soul. This time spherical, the Belle doll is Chucky’s preferred vessel.

The episode’s ending foreshadows a grim future for Tiffany, who was pulling the strings for lots of the first season. However, she suffers a downfall in season 2 and might seemingly face the implications of betraying Chucky. On the alternative hand, Chucky shouldn’t be solely alive, nevertheless he moreover has a model new affiliate in crime. With Caroline by his facet, it appears to be like like Chucky is all set to unleash his reign of terror on New York. The episode ends with Chucky breaking the fourth wall to recap his kills from the second season.

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