How to Apply for a Punjab Driving License Online


If you’re uninterested within the hassles associated to buying a driver’s licence in Pakistan, it’s time to take a step once more and loosen up. The Punjab authorities has lately launched a model new system by the Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB). The PITB has developed a digital approach for monitoring and granting driver’s licences known as the Driving License Issuance and Management System (DLIMS). Currently, this service is simply provided to Punjab residents.


A step-by-step technique to creating use of for a driver’s licence on-line is obtainable underneath:

  • Go to the DLIMS web page and log in to proceed.
  • To get your required kind, go to the downloads half.
  • To uncover the closest Licensing Center, go to the Licensing Center tab.
  • Please embrace the whole needed documentation in your submission.
  • After 42 days of finding out, meet with the licencing firm.
  • Obtain a passing grade on the first theoretical examination.
  • Finally, take the driving examination and go it.

There are quite a few exceptions on this state of affairs. If you want to renew or acquire a reproduction licence, it’s important to submit the associated documentation. It is vital to go every the driving and concept exams. When making use of for a model new worldwide licence, that’s moreover true.


There is a novel form of license, so every request requires an additional requirement. The paperwork that should be needed are as follows:


  • A replica of the CNIC
  • An Rs60 ticket may very well be purchased at any submit office.
  • Rules of the Road and Regulations A codebook is saved by the positioning guests police firm.
  • A medical certificates is required if the person is over 50.

Both LTVs and HDTVs have an age prohibit. HDTVs have a most age of twenty-two years, whereas LTVs, bikes, and wheelers have an age restriction of 18 years.


  • A file cowl with the Application Form (A)
  • A sound Learner’s Permit is required. The authorization should be right for on the very least six weeks.
  • Passport-sized photographs which had been licensed are required for medical certification (x3).
  • A replica of the CNIC that has been confirmed is attached.
  • A free ticket is included inside the registration doc.
  • Make a deposit of Rs. 100 on a deposit slip.


  • An software program kind is included inside the file cowl.
  • Photographs the size of a passport may be discovered.
  • Photos that are the size of a key (x2).
  • CNIC copy (x2)
  • a driver’s permit (Original).
  • Medical certification is required.
  • The licence doc specifies the needed cost.

All licences are renewed every 5 years. Various expenses apply to quite a few forms of cars. Motorcycles have a renewal cost of Rs500, whereas completely different LTVS have a price of Rs750. Renewal expenses for HDTVs are Rs1000.


  •  An International Application Process is included inside the file cowl.
  • A replica of the CNIC is obtainable. (Attested)
  • A replica of an unblemished driving doc
  • You may even require a reproduction of your Pakistani passport that has been legit for on the very least six months together with the Visa.
  • Photos which had been confirmed and are the size of a passport. (x2)
  • A courtroom docket price ticket for 66 rupees was issued.

If you’re making use of for a world licence, you’ll have to hold your distinctive CNIC, along with your ticket and passport, to the licence centre.


  • A necessary Application Form is included inside the file wrapper.
  • Passport-sized footage which had been attested
  • A replica of the CNIC (Attested). (x2)
  • In the case of a computer licence, a report from the computer division; inside the case of a non-computerized licence, an expiry certificates from the associated submit office.
  • If you’ll have misplaced your driver’s licence and desire a substitute, it’s important to first submit a police report.
  • Tickets that are required

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