Julian Albino Net Worth


The gay American YouTuber Julian Albino is well-known for his solo journeys all through the globe. He is at current being accused of abusing his time in Nairobi by exploiting Airbnbs and fleeing with unpaid cash owed. A property supervisor in Nairobi has accused him of contaminating the residence he was renting with human feces.

In a social media publish, the property supervisor bemoaned how the gay American YouTuber left the rental flat in shambles after soiling 16 bedsheets, 2 pillowcases, 4 towels, and 1 cowl with human feces. The landlord extra asserted that Julian Albino was reportedly staining rental properties in Nairobi with feces on numerous occasions.

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The Airbnb householders continued by saying that they made makes an try to contact him nonetheless have been unsuccessful. They even acknowledged he was pretty unpleasant and that he’s not a cleaner within the case of difficulties with making the bedding dirty.

Julian Albino Net Worth

Julian Albino’s net worth won’t be recognized with certainty. Julian Albino’s channel, nonetheless, has a $27,266 net worth.

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