Revenge of Others: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More


Revenge of Others: Plot, Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More

The yr 2022 has been an excellent one for Okay-dramas, and Revenge of Others appears to be no exception. Although easy in conception, the programme does an excellent job of sustaining points dramatic and entertaining all by means of its runtime.

The following is the story. Ok Chan-Mi, a 19-year-old senior in highschool. Her world is flipped the improper method up when her twin brother passes away. She was as soon as a shooter for a highschool crew. She searches for the truth and is adamant about learning the truth. Chan-Mi because of this reality turns into romantically linked with Ji Soo-Heon. The couple acquired all the way down to precise revenge on the perpetrators on behalf of all bullied faculty college students.

If you’ve been watching this Okay-drama, you is prone to be occupied with learning when the upcoming episode will air. So, stop questioning now!

Here is all of the information you could possibly find out about Revenge of Others episodes 7 and eight, along with when and the place you might watch them.

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Revenge of Others: Streaming

In a unusual departure from the usual, Revenge of Others is presently streaming on Disney+ and is accessible throughout the majority of areas worldwide, along with Europe, the UK, Korea, and the US!

Revenge of Others: Release Date for Episodes 7-8

Episodes 7-8 of Revenge of Others will every be accessible on the same time on November 30 at spherical 9am (GMT). The full chapter should be absolutely subbed upon launch because of Disney’s subtitle crew normally works quickly.

As beforehand well-known, depend on episodes 7 and eight to air concurrently and closing roughly 1 hour and 6 minutes each, which is per the remainder of the current’s runtime.

Revenge of Others: Episode

Two episodes of the 12-episode Okay-drama Revenge of Others are launched each week. After this episode, there is likely to be 4 further to watch.

Revenge of Others: Trailer

There is, in fact. Below is a hyperlink to the Revenge of Others Season 1 trailer:

What do you anticipate seeing as a result of the sequence continues? What part of Revenge of Others has been your favourite to date? Tell us throughout the suggestions half beneath!

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Revenge of Others: solid


Shin Ye-eun performs Ok Chan-mi, Ok Chan-twin kyu’s sister who transferred to Yong-Tak High School in search of her brother’s murderer since she doesn’t suppose he devoted suicide.
Ji Soo-heon, a pupil in Class 3 at Yong-Tak High School, is portrayed by Lomon and is acknowledged with a thoughts tumour and given solely 6 to 12 months to dwell. By beating up the bullies and forcing them to change faculties, he aids pupils who’ve been bullied in getting once more at their attackers.


Seo Ji-hoon performs Seok Jae-beom, an affluent family’s son and a pupil in Class 4 at Yong-Tak High School. He simply these days acquired right here out of a six-month coma, which pressured him to repeat his senior yr whereas moreover dropping all of his recollections.

As Ki Oh-seong, a Class 4 pupil at Yong-Tak High School who was Jae-friend beom’s sooner than Jae-beom misplaced all of his recollections, Chae Sang-woo seeks to assist Jae-beom in regaining his recollections.

As Kuk Ji-hyeon, Lee Soo-min

As Tae So-yeon, Jung Soo-bin

Kim Joo-ryoung carried out the investigator Jin So-jeong, who oversaw the investigation into Park Won-killing. seok’s

Yeon-oh portrays Hong Ah-jeong, Park Won-girlfriend, seok’s whereas Wooyeon performs Im Seung-woo.

Ok Chan-kyu, carried out by Kang Yeol, was Ok Chan-deceased mi’s twin brother and Park Won-seok.

Sa Jung-kyung, a bully who sexually attacked Hak-soo when the two of them had been members of the equivalent pictures membership, is portrayed by Jin Ho-eun.

Kwon Se-jin, carried out by Kang Yi-seok, was sexually attacked by Jung-kyung whereas that they had been every members of the equivalent pictures membership. Han Seung-bin carried out Nam Hak-soo, a sufferer of bullying.

Park Na-rin, carried out by Moon Ye-jin, is a pal of Kuk Ji-hyeon. She is delicate to all of the issues that happens in school and has the heart to despise Ji-hyeon.

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Revenge of Others: Production

Shin Ye-eun and Lomon, who had already been solid throughout the lead roles, had been added to the cast on September 7, 2022.

In the Korean drama-thriller sequence Revenge of Others (3), the sister’s desperation to be taught the truth about her brother’s purported suicide is highlighted. Shin Ye-eun, Lomon, Seo Ji-hoon, Chae Sang-woo, Lee Soo-min, and Jung Soo-bin are among the many many solid members of the Korean drama sequence directed by Kim Yoo-jin.

The protagonist of Revenge of Others is Ok Chan-mi, a 19-year-old former highschool shooter. Ok Chan Mi’s twin brother passes away sooner or later, and she or he begins wanting into the circumstances surrounding it. She turns into linked with Ji Soo-heon, who seeks retribution from tormentors on behalf of students who’ve been mistreated.

Retaliation of Other: Plot

According to the Kdrama’s synopsis, “The series depicts a teen revenge thriller when Chan-mi, who is looking for answers regarding the death of her twin brother, and Soo-heon, who begins taking revenge on an unfair world, become involved in a shocking incident that has a profound impact on her life.”

Revenge of Others: Prediction

What transpired after Chan-mi fired the bullet is likely to be revealed in Episode 7, and it clearly didn’t seem to hit. We anticipate that their subsequent movement, which may alter the current’s course, is likely to be crucial.

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Revenge of Others: Review

In this frantic new Okay-drama that features Lomon from “All of Us Are Dead,” everybody appears to be a suspect.

It’s preferable to serve revenge chilly. Take it from highschool pupil Ok Chan-mi, 19, who stars throughout the latest Okay-drama on Disney+ known as Revenge of Others.

8 Okay-dramas to watch now that is likely to be launched in November 2022
The programme opens with Chanmi (Shin Ye-eun, He Is Psychometric, More Than Friends) learning that her twin brother Park Wonseok (Kang Yeol) has handed away in circumstances that she refuses to think about or accept. It ensures to be an action-packed revenge thriller. She is the star of the taking photos crew at her highschool, nevertheless Chan-mi upends her life and travels all through the nation in search of his potential killer. She first meets Ji Soo-heon (All of Us Are Dead actor Lomon), a self-aware pupil who appears optimistic and grounded no matter his problematic home state of affairs, at her new faculty, Yongtan High.

The character of Soo-heon excels. In the first two episodes, he establishes himself as a mature and principled (albeit troubled) pupil who’s in fashion in school and immediately likeable. He stands up for his harassed buddies, which makes him Chan-ideal mi’s ally. She is the additional neutral of the two, new to Seoul, and in quest of retaliation. However, throughout the first episode, terribly horrible events solid excessive doubt on Soo-destiny. heon’s Despite this, they sort a sweet bond that makes that you must do one thing to reinforce Soo-circumstances heon’s so they may dwell as a lot as their potential as an unstoppable stress for good.

By the highest of episode two, everyone knows one issue for optimistic: everybody appears to be a suspect throughout the dying of Wonseok. Despite how likeable Soo-heon is, there are some issues that are however unanswered that recommend we are going to’t absolutely rule him out. Seok Jae-beom (Signal and My First Love actor Seo Ji-hoon), a renowned Grade-A pupil and the son of affluent dad and mother, is revealed to be retaking his senior yr owing to cryptic medical difficulties – which creates way more doubts. Spine-chilling faculty bullies who seem the correct culprits moreover arrive.

On the ground, Revenge of Others appears to have all of the issues that makes for an superior teen revenge thriller. It’s stylish and has that early 2000s teen horror aptitude, with a darkish, gothic faculty as its setting, bullies who instil unfathomable terror amongst their buddies, and two (thus far) platonic, heroic characters who may merely save the day within the occasion that they set their very personal points aside.

The screenplay was written by Lee Hee-Myung, who moreover wrote the screenplays for Into the World Again and Beautiful Gong Shim. With merely the first two episodes, there have already been a lot of most important revelations along with the introduction of fairly a number of new characters and potential storylines. Nevertheless, Revenge of Others’ seen attraction and Lomon and Shin’s glorious portrayals of Soo-heon and Chan-mi are sufficient justifications for watching episodes three and onward.

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