Video: McDonald’s meal comes with XL aspect of drama as child daddy and mother bicker


A present video exhibiting a woman combating alongside along with her baby daddy for getting Mcdonald’sfor less than considered one ofher kids has left Twitter clients divided.

Neither the woman nor the particular person’s faces are seen throughout the video, nonetheless we are going to hear them screaming at each other outside the earlier’s residence.

The two moreover hail curses at each other whereas arguing over whose accountability it’s to feed all her kids.

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Woman lashes out at baby daddy over Mcdonald’s meal

“He brings food for his child but not her other kids,” the viral video is captioned.

We can hear the woman make clear the state of affairs as a result of the kid daddy pulls up outside her house.

“My baby daddy come here with one f******g meal for my child, but I have three other kids. We have one kid together but he only wanna come and bring one thing at McDonald’s. But what about my other kids,” she says.

As the new child daddy walks as a lot as her entrance door, the woman components on the meal and states that it doesn’t look enough for all her kids.

The man proceeds to elucidate that he’s not attempting to help her and that he solely wishes to help his son.

The woman repeatedly states that he must have bought McDonald’s for all the children because of they’re his child’s siblings. She refuses to let her baby come out to the car and eat the meal alongside together with his dad.

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Angry woman throws away Mcdonald’s meal

“Where are their daddies,” the particular person questions at one stage. He then says: “You had the other kids, they are your responsibility.”

As the two saved bickering the woman says: “You knew what you were getting into when you had a baby with me,” which the new child daddy denied.

In the highest, the woman grabs the McDonald’s takeaway and throws it on the underside.

Twitter clients are divided after watching the viral battle

The viral battle left Twitter divided, with some clients siding with the woman whereas others once more tha baby daddy. Just a number of others shared their very personal personal experiences.

“Simply buying McDonald’s for all the kids in the house is simply the right thing to do. No one is gonna ask him to pay for the other kids’ tuition, that’s ridiculous. If he really didn’t want to buy anything for the other kids, he could have just taken his kid out to eat. Simple,” said one user.

“Why isn’t she asking the other kids’ fathers to bring them McDonald’s on the day as well? Or better yet have them rotate. He provides for all 4 on Tuesday, the 2nd dad takes up Thursday, and the next one takes up Saturday, etc,” said another user.

“I really look at the man bringing his kid Mcdonald’s from both POV. Like the other kids aren’t his so he’s not obligated but damn, to just let one kid eat in front of other hungry kids is just crazy TO ME. IDK, the mama for sure need to do better though,” a third fan wrote.

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