What Did Darron Lee Say To Lane Kiffin?


Darron Lee was named the 2015 Sugar Bowl defensive MVP after making his debut in entrance of a nationwide viewers for Ohio State of their New Year’s Day nationwide semifinal victory over Alabama.

Lee accomplished the evening time with seven tackles, three of which had been for losses, they normally had been all giant. Almost half felt like they’d been on a shoestring and nearly on a regular basis saved the dam from breaking with an Alabama offense that seemed to be a step or two away from breaking one. He moreover had two sacks to compensate for his troubles.

But perhaps Lee’s most notable achievement of the evening was partaking in some lighthearted ribbing with well-known Alabama foe/offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin.

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Kiffin’s back-and-forth with Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer when the two had been at Tennessee and Florida, respectively, is thought, nevertheless now you probably can add Darron Lee’s establish to Kiffin’s illustrious historic previous.

What Did Darron Lee Say To Lane Kiffin?

Darron Lee said to Lane Kiffin, “Something good!”

Darron Lee then wrote on his twitter net web page:

“Everyone keeps asking me what I said to Lane Kiffin….let’s just say momma would be ashamed.”

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