Who owns the Houston Texans?


An American soccer franchise in Houston, Texas, generally known as the Houston Texans was established in 1999. The Texans are a workforce throughout the American Football Conference South division that performs throughout the National Football League. NRG Stadium serves as their residence space.

The Houston Oilers, an NFL workforce that competed throughout the metropolis from 1960 to 1996 sooner than transferring to Nashville and eventually altering their establish to the Tennessee Titans, had been modified by the model new workforce.

The Texans are the NFL’s newest franchise, having solely entered the league as an enlargement workforce in 2002.

The Texans, who’ve solely been collaborating in throughout the NFL since 2002, are the league’s newest enlargement franchise. Because of this, they haven’t had enough time to determine the type of storied rivalries that frequently exist between further established golf tools.

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The workforce has nevertheless formed certain rivals. The Tennessee Titans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Indianapolis Colts are a number of of its AFC South neighbours and pure rivals.

Who owns the Houston Texans?

Janice McNair is the proprietor of the Houston Texans. Following the passing of her husband Bob McNair in 2018, she took possession.


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